We know that buying a property can be stressful which is why we pride ourselves on providing first class service to ensure that the process is completed in the smoothest possible manner. We will take the trouble out of the legal paperwork required to be completed on your behalf from the date of the signing of the contract through to settlement day.

As a Purchaser, you generally don’t have anyone on your team with the Agent acting for the Vendor and this is where we can really add value to your experience and importantly your outcomes.  The earlier in the process we are involved, the more benefit we can be in the buying process.

We provide a unique and personal service and in addition to advising you on the general aspects of buying or selling, we will also assist you with the following:

Review your contract and Form 1 (cooling off rights and property details) and advise of any implications.
> Offer independent advice on special conditions that may be included in the contract.
> Review and discuss the contents of pest and building inspections.
> Advise you on the different ownership options when there are multiple owners.
> Discuss your responsibilities in regard to insurance.
> Inform you of the obligations, regulations and responsibilities when buying a strata unit or community lot.
> Advise you on your eligibility to qualify for the First Home Owners Grant.
> Obtain and examine the title and statutory charges to ensure that there are no outstanding charges on the property.
> Advise if a caveat or Priority Notice is required to protect your interest.
> Calculate rates and taxes to be adjusted on the property and discuss any land tax implications.
> Liaise with your bank, real estate agents and the vendors conveyancer in order to arrange settlement.
> Prepare all legal documentation as necessary to transfer the property.
> Arrange for the Government stamp duty to be assessed and paid on the Transfer.
> Ensure that any GST and Foreign Resident obligations by the vendor are met.
> Prepare a settlement statement and forward it to you prior to settlement, so you know exactly what you need to pay.
> Coordinate and attend settlement on your behalf.
> Once the settlement is completed, we will let you know as soon as possible to ensure you can start to make plans to enjoy your purchase.
> We can also arrange for title searches to be completed following registration if requested.