If you wish to transfer property as part of a marriage or de facto relationship, whether as a result of a new relationship or the break up of an existing one, we can help to prepare the necessary documentation and help things move smoothly.

If your transaction is a transfer as a result of a new relationship, or between existing spouses we can arrange for the transfer of names on your Certificate of Title.  We can also liaise with your lender if applicable and finalise the registration of the necessary documents.

If your transaction is as a result of a relationship break up, we always recommend it is best to seek legal advice and if necessary have agreements or court orders prepared by your solicitor.  If you advise that you do not wish to seek the advice of a solicitor we can assist with the appropriate agreements and facilitate the property settlement as you have agreed.

We can also advise you on any stamp duty implications as a result of the transfer as under certain circumstances some transactions as detailed above will be exempt from Stamp Duty.