If you are selling your home and have found a buyer, without having to list your property for sale with a Real Estate Agent, we can prepare a private contract and Form 1 for the transaction.   As required under the Land and Business (Sale and Conveyancing) Act 1994,  the Form 1 is required to be served on the purchaser ensuring that all information required by law has been disclosed.  This is a critical part of the transaction and as the Vendor you need to get this 100% correct to protect your interests.

Along with preparing the contract, we will order the necessary government searches on your behalf and issue all the necessary documentation to both you and your purchaser to complete the transfer of the property.  We will then assist you with the normal services as part of a property sale.

When you sell a property privately it is extremely important that your legislative obligations are complied with.  We can take the risk out of this transaction and make sure the sale progresses smoothly for you.